Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

“Science & technology first ” is the company’s business philosophy, science and technology innovation is the company’s first major characteristic.Zhongding Boiler is equipped with advanced CAD workstation, and set up CAD/CAPP/PDM integrated information system of computer aided design, process design and design management on boiler products. In the technology center, there are 6 designers graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and 20 graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and other famous universities, these talents have great innovation capacities on technology.

Quality Assurance System

Zhongding Boiler concentrates on the invention of high-technic environmental protection and energy saving boilers. Xi’an Jiaotong University and Tsinghua University are the company’s powerful support for technology innovation and R&D. Taking advantage of universities’ scientific research, it forms a technology innovation system - market-oriented, product-linked and the combination of production, teaching and research.

Cooperating with Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhongding Boiler designs the national patent product - New type water-cooling arch/water-cooling side sealing structure of DZL series shop-assembled boiler, whole membrane wall water-cooling arch/ side sealing structure of SZL series fast-assembly boiler, and WNS, SNS series of oil-fired/ gas-fired boiler. Cooperating with Tsinghua University, “Zhengzhou Research Institution of Circulating Fluized Bed Boiler” is founded. The University won the second prize on the technology of low speed circulating fluidized bed boiler. Based on this, the more advanced circulating fluidized bed boiler with double whirlpool and low speed is invented, the actual thermal efficiency increases 2~5%. 


1. The thermal efficiency as high as 98%.
2. Stainless steel is used for boiler outside surface, anti-corrosion and elegant appearance.
3. Boiler controller adopts Siemens/Delixi electric components, reliable performance.

1. Small flake type grate is used, low coal leakage, high combustion, reliable operation, and well cooling condition. 
2. The design of arch wins “Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress”, various kinds of coal are adaptable.
3. The Refractory material is thicker than the general boilers.
4. Improvement on water inlet: Siemens PLC automatic controller, the stainless steel is used for water pump.

Quality Assurance System
1. The thermal efficiency increase 2%~5%.
2. The efficiency of separator increase to 10 μ particle cut size, combustion efficiency improved.
3. Cyclone burner is placed in furnace, improve the combustion efficiency.
4. Using the hood ebullience fluidized integrate loop seal system, material return stably, avoid coking.